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Challenges in the Laboratory Today

What are the challenges in your laboratory environment today?

Does it need a more streamlined end-to-end flow of material, expectations and communications?

Identify batching, waiting, inventory gathering, review and testing in the process.

Reduce wait times, create flow in process, with everyone involved knowing the process end-to-end.


Recognise  how customer expectations are aligned to the internal work process.

Does everyone in the production line understand the requirements?

Clear customer expectations that are understood by all will eliminate "silo" mentalities and promote cooperation - leading to faster throughput and a reduction in defects.

Advantages of Lean4Lab Technology

1.  Achieve a more secure supply : never miss an order.

2.  Reduced or elimination of batch release and testing lead times.

3.  All production will be at the Pace of Customer Demand, and all batch release and lab testing will be at the Pace of Production.

4.  Visual Factory:  No hidden processes, parts, inventory, people.

5.  Elimination of errors and re-work leading to a reduction in wastage.

6.  Reduction in process variation resulting in all output meeting customer expectations the first time.

7.  Establishment of a proper method capability which is understood and accepted by everyone in the process.

8.  Full use of instrumentation, storage capabilities and inventory.


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